Our top 5 favourite Melbourne celebrants!

When you shoot weddings on a weekly bases throughout the Melbourne summer months as we do, you end up meeting a lot of celebrants. It’s no secret that after a while you find your favourites and todays post is us sharing our top 5 favourite Melbourne celebrants with you! In no particular order we present our top picks!

Zena Lythgo

Zena Lythgo is an absolute favourite of ours! Her down to earth and gentle nature makes her perfect for those intimate events. We have done so many weddings together that we have formed a lovely connection, so much so that we booked her to officiate our very own wedding.

Zee Scott

Zee Scott is a legend end of sentence full stop. This cake making, pop culture referencing and all round epic celebrant is one of our absolute favourites. Albeit we have only shot one wedding together but we were massive fans from the get go! Zee’s voice is as smooth as the buttercream she decorates her cakes with!

The Wedding Anarchist

Dee Aka The Wedding Anarchist is one of those people that make everything more interesting! She ‘s a boss with a witty sense of humour and a flare for style! She has shaken up the wedding industry and put her own spin on what an elopement can look like by being one of the co founders of The Alter Electric.

Custom Celebrations by Dee

Custom celebrations by Dee we met at Dave and Taruna’s wedding during covid restrictions. Dee navigated this like a pro and her wonderful story telling abilities really made the opening of Dave and Taruna’s wedding video feel like something out of a movie. Having a celebrant really tell your story in an engaging way is truely an art form and something to look for!

A Stand up Celebrant

Paul also known as A stand up celebrant who also happens to be a stand up guy! His witty, wordy and wonderful ceremonies are always an enjoyable experience. Paul brings the funnies and will have your guests in stitches as he slowly roasts you and the most enjoyable way.



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